I think peace is something we all could use a little more of.  Whether you’re in a stressful season in your life, going through a tough break-up, or even just feeling anxious, praying for peace can make a world of a difference.  When I sit down to pray, it’s sometimes hard to find the right words to say.  If you have this problem at times too, here are 5 ways to pray for peace!

  1. Pray for trust.Chelsea Crockett - Peace  Trust is something I think we all struggle with at times.  Praying for trust will take away any anxiety or stress you may be having because you’ll start to truly believe that God has a plan for each of us.
  2. Pray for strength.  Having the strength to get through any situation will help you through all seasons of your life.  If you have the strength to get through one low of your life, you can get through them all! 
  3. Pray to hear God’s voice.  God’s voice is real and present, and you will hear it if you listen.  Pray to hear what God is trying to tell you and you may find the direction that you’ve been searching for.
  4. Pray one day at a time.  Taking things one day at a time really does make a huge difference.  Start the day with a prayer to give you strength and trust for the day ahead!
  5. Pray for patience.  Patience is a virtue, and if you can learn to be still and patient, you will gain more peace than you could’ve imagined.

I hope this helps bring back some peace into your life.  God is good and He’ll listen to your prayers!

Love, Chels