It may be cliché to say this, but life is full of many ups and downs. I lost count of the days that didn’t go as I had hoped or planned! In church, in school, and in everyday life, I’ve learned a few words that help me get through whatever I’m dealing with, without losing a positive attitude.

  1. Faith. I’ve learned in EVERY situation, that you have to have faith. Without putting my trust and hope in God, I can easily get discouraged. Sometimes so discouraged that I end up not even trying in the first place!Chelsea Crockett - Happiness
  2. Happiness. If you don’t strive towards happiness, how can you live a life you enjoy? I’ve learned that if something or someone isn’t making you happy, it’s best to get rid of whatever it is bringing you down.
  3. Forgiveness. Being a forgiving person not only helps you, but the person you’re forgiving, as well. Forgiving is a domino effect. Once you let go of something with your friend or someone in your family, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Compassion spreads, so why not pass it along yourself?
  4. Love. Love doesn’t only mean finding someone and falling head over heels for them. Love should be shown to anyone and everyone, whether you’re at school or at church. Next time you’re about to comment negatively about someone, show love and lift them up instead of tearing them down!
  5. Patience. Having patience is one of the greatest virtues in life. Things don’t always happen right when you want them to. Waiting patiently is something you’ll learn as you mature. The love of your life is out there, you just might not find them in high school!

Keep these words in mind and live a life filled with joy and happiness!

Love, Chels