As a freshman in my first semester of college, I’ve realized there are certain things that I can’t live without and things that I hadn’t even thought about buying or bringing with me.  Whether it be food, school supplies, etc., here are some college essentials that you should add to your list as well!

  • A shower caddy.  If you’re living in a community style dorm, this is a must-have!  It makes it so much easier to take all of your things to and from the shower.
  • Microwaveable food.  Dining halls are great but sometimes you need something quick and easy.  Stack up on some microwaveable mac and cheese for those time crunch days.
  • But also healthy food!  Microwaveable meals are great but not always the healthiest option.  Grab some apples, bananas, etc. too!
  • Sorority rush essentials.  If you’re going through recruitment, make sure you have all of the necessities such as mints, a hair brush, lip gloss, etc.
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee!  I’m telling you, coffee will be your lifesaver!  It’s essential for those late nights in the library or 8 am classes.
  • To-go coffee cups.  Along with coffee, you’ll need some cute to-go coffee cups!  Target sells packages of them for a great price (they’re also super cute!).Chelsea Crockett - Planners
  • A stylish planner.  Taking multiple classes different days of the week can get confusing, especially when you have tons of due dates and exams!  Purchase a planner like one of the ones above to organize your assignments, meetings, events, etc.
  • A prayer partner.  On a more serious note, having a friend that you can talk and pray with is extremely important.  College can be tough and sometimes you need a trustworthy friend to be there for you.

If you check these off your list, you’ll be set!

XO – Chelsea