On Halloween this year I sat on my porch and handed out candy to a ton of little cuties. Passing out all of that candy got me thinking, I wonder what happens to all of that candy? Surely you can’t eat allll of it. Hello tummy ache! I looked up a few ways to put your leftover Halloween candy to good use.

  1. Freeze it: Freeze your candy to keep it good! Then, throughout the year, you will be able to use the candy in milkshakes, ice cream, and cookie dough!
  2. DIY trail mix: If your Halloween candy included m&m’s or other little candies, make your own trail mix by adding in pretzels, nuts and dried fruit!images-1
  3. In your coffee: Yes, in your coffee! If you have mini chocolate bars, add them to your coffee to make a quick and easy mocha.
  4. Keep some for snacking: Toss a couple of pieces into your purse or backpack for when you need a sugar fix.
  5. Donate it: There are organizations that take donations of candy and give them to those in need or even our troops overseas.

As for Halloween candy, eating it doesn’t have to be the only thing you can do with it!

XOXO, Chels