I absolutely love to travel, and thank goodness for that because I travel often! Just recently I went to New York City promoting my new book! Because I travel bunches, I spend lots of time in airports. Now, I wouldn’t say I am an expert at airports, but I know a thing or two that makes traveling in them a little less of a chore. Here are 4 of my top airport hacks to help save you time and money!

  1. Bring your own snacks: Try as hard as you can to avoid buying snacks and drinks at the airport. They are waaaay overpriced. Pack travel snacks like granola bars and trail mix to munch on. Also, pack an empty water bottle in your luggage to fill up once you pass security.
  2. Wear the extra luggage: If your carry-on is close to the weight limit, wear your heaviest pieces and layer them to get past security. After you have gone through, head to the bathroom and take off the layers and pack them up. You might want to keep a jacket or sweater out of your bag, airports and planes can get chilly!
  3. Store your laptop in an easily accessed place: When you go through security they scan your laptop, which means you have to take it out of your luggage. Don’t be that person riffling through their suitcase, holding up the line at security because you packed your laptop in a hard to reach place!
  4. Make your luggage distinguishable: Standing around, waiting for your luggage after a long day of traveling is the worst part of the day. If you tie colored ribbons or fabric onto the handles of your luggage you will be able to quickly find it, grab it, and be on your merry way.
  5. Bring a portable battery charger: Airports do have charging stations, but they are usually majorly crowded. To make sure your phone never runs out of juice, carry a portable battery charger with you. That way you can charge it while you are waiting AND during your flight!

Happy travels!

XOXO, Chels