If you follow me on any social media accounts, you’ve probably noticed that I travel a lot!  Although I hit up the airport quite frequently, it’s easy to forget about all the rules and regulations, or leave an important item at home.  I recently came across some great airport hacks that I turned into a list to keep me on track during all my ventures.  Keep these amazing hacks in mind during your next airport adventure! Chelsea Crockett- airport bag for liquids

  • Many airports have started requiring small zip lock bags to hold all of your carry-on liquids. Keep multiple baggies in your purse and carry-on for the future!  I’ve forgotten this step many times!
  • I always get thirsty on a plane, but don’t feel like buying a $7.00 water bottle! Throw an empty water bottle into your carry on and fill it up when you see a water fountain.  If you’re a frequent traveler like me, you’ll save lots of money!
  • Bring your own snack! If they aren’t already opened, they’re good to go!
  • In the winter I always worry about my luggage being overweight, since winter clothes are so much heavier! Wear your heaviest items, like a big coat, tall boats, and jeans on the plane!  This way, you’ll save some extra weight for a little shopping! 😉 haha.
  • Collect unused toiletries from the hotel. They’re great for carry-ons!
  • Did you know that your birthday, an anniversary, or even traveling alone can give you free perks?! Just let someone working for the airlines know and you may get upgraded, get a free snack, or get a little gift.  It’s worth a try!
  • If you’re flying into a country without data, download the Google maps offline app so you’re never stranded!
  • Airports are one of the easiest places to catch germs. Keep hand sanitizer or wet wipes on hand!

Happy travels!