Did you know there is a method to the madness of applying perfume? If you are like me, you spray that stuff everywhere on your body and then some, just hoping that it will keep you smelling good through at least first period. There are actually certain places on your body that you are ideal for perfume application. I’ll just fill you in so you don’t have to hose yourself down with perfume every morning hoping that some of it lasts. 


The first place to apply perfume is on the inside of your wrists. When you spray on the perfume, DON’T RUB YOUR WRISTS TOGETHER! That is a no no. It just rubs off all of the perfume! Gently dab your wrists together. The next places are behind your ear and at the base of your throat! After that comes the inside of your elbow and behind your knee. Behind your knee? Whaaaat? I kid you not, folks. Adding a dab of perfume behind you knee can keep you smelling positively radiant. If you are super active and sporty, you may need to re-apply after you are done being your sporty self. Perfume is a must-have in any girl’s accessory bag. You have to smell fabulous in order to be fabulous!

Keep these tips in mind as you are getting ready in the morning!

XOXO, Chels