In the summer fun it’s easy to get caught up in the fruity summer drinks, fresh juices, or soda.  It’s also easy to get distracted and forget about water all together!  It is especially important to keep up with your water intake in the hot summer months.  Not only does it keep you healthy and hydrated, but it has a multitude of benefits for your body including clear skin, more energy, and good digestion.  Check out a few of my red flags below to see if you’re drinking enough water!Chelsea Crockett- drinking water

  1. Are you feeling tired all the time or constantly getting headaches? This could be the result of dehydration.  Water keeps our bodies most important organs functioning correctly.  If you aren’t getting enough H20, your body will start to slow down.
  2. Are you still hungry after a big meal? Chances are you didn’t take advantage of that large glass of water with your food!  Water can fill you up when you feel hungry, but shouldn’t. It also helps your stomach break down foods!
  3. Is your skin starting to look dull? Are large black circles forming under your eyes?  This could be the result of your completion dying for extra water!
  4. Are you achy? Are you still sore from that workout a week ago?  Water acts as a natural lubricant for joints, which making them move easier.  If you’re feeling like a 100 year old woman, drink a large glass of water!

I challenge you to up your water intake this summer!  You’ll be glad you did!