As we all know, gym memberships are pricey, and we don’t always have time to go to the gym. I love quick little workouts that I can do outside and at my house. Working out outside is so much better for you than when you go to the gym! Here is a speedy workout you can do the second you walk out the door of your house.3b16e00e1a8a03bcc5c817b0927f0972

  1. Sprint 25 seconds down the street and then 25 back
  2. Do 50 jumping jacks
  3. Do 50 crunches
  4. 20 push ups
  5. 30 jump squats
  6. 1 minute plank

Do this routine 3 times through and you will have completed a great easy, efficient work out! Get that summer body in no time!

XOXO, Chels