Ballerinas are known for their long, swift movements. Without lean legs and a tight stomach, it would be hard to twirl and leap! Barre workouts have become the new “it” workout. It incorporates ballerina moves and weight training to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Going to a studio can be expensive; luckily it’s just as easy to do your own barre workout at home! Check out my favorite moves below!Chelsea Crockett- barre workout

  1. Who doesn’t want a nice booty?! Grab a chair and stand behind it. Hold on to the back of the chair, kick your leg back, and pump it up and down. Trust me, you’ll feel the burn! Try 3 sets of 15 reps for each leg.
  2. I love ballerina squats! Grabbing on to the back of a chair, stand on your toes about hip width apart and squat up and down. Try quickly squatting up and down to the beat of a song. Don’t worry about getting low!
  3. Try doing the same steps as #2, but with your legs together! It’s like a chair squat, but on your toes.
  4. For a leg and arm workout, grab a dumbbell in one hand and hold the back of a chair with the other. Extend the leg closest to the chair back and bend the other. Reach the arm with the dumbbell out and rep it close to your chest while bringing the extended leg in. Repeat 15 times before switching sides.

I hope you’ll enjoy and see results from these exercises!