As the saying goes, “You get more out of sugar than you do out of vinegar.”  Translation: you get more out of being nice to people than being mean to them.  It’s true!  Being nice really does pay off!  It’s easy to turn the other cheek to people you don’t like, but in the long run, you’ll never regret the times you were nice to someone.

People come and go in your life, but you never know when you may run into someone again.  That boy you were mean to in high school?  He could be your dentist one day.  That nerd you didn’t speak to?  She might be one of your children’s college professors.  Running into your past is just a fact of life!  That’s why it is important to be nice to everyone.  Although it can be tough, make it a challenge to smile to someone new each day or strike up a conversation with someone you may not have the best relationship with.

Being nice to someone that you don’t like isn’t being fake; it’s called growing up and being mature.  Always try and be the bigger person.  Who knows what that’ll get you!  I promise you will go far in life if you treat others the right way.  It might just help you on your road to success in school, athletics, or your future career.Chelsea Crockett- nice quote

“So in everything, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” –Matthew 7:12