Do you ever have trouble sleeping or paying attention because there are so many things going on in your mind? Do you find yourself constantly distracted? When was the last time you stopped to think about what you were doing and why? Here are a few ways to be more present in your everyday life so that you can calm the chaos in your mind.

The first step in becoming more present is to prioritize and be intentional. You know that mile-long to-do list? You may cross some items off, but it is inevitable that more will be added in their place. Ask yourself what the top three most important items on it are. Put them on their own list and make them your priority. Then work away at the longer list as you have time.

Another way that I stay present is to journal. Writing allows my thoughts to run clearly and ideas to flow uninterrupted. Journal about your fears, goals, dreams, sorrows, joys, what you are grateful for, what you are sorry for, anything that will help get the clutter out of your mind and onto your paper. This opens up more metal space to be used on other things.

When I am constantly checking my phone, I find that I feel more stressed and aggravated with myself because I know I could be using that time more wisely. While looking at your phone your mind is processing tons of information. Unplug by a certain hour at night so that your mind can rest. Put your phone away and allow yourself to hear your own thoughts rather than consuming other people’s ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc.

Another way to be more mindful is to listen more and talk less. We have all been in conversations that feel one sided. When you are talking, you feel as though the other person isn’t even listening because they are trying to think of what they are going to say next. Next time you have a conversation with someone, be the person that listens more. Let them do the talking and acknowledge that you are listening to them. You will notice things that you missed before because you were trying to think about what to say next.

When you are more present in everyday life, you begin to appreciate life more. Life is not as stressful, overwhelming, or negative as society portrays it.

XOXO, Chels