Do you live by a beach or are you planning on going on a beachy vacation this summer? Then you definitely need a beach day survival guide! Here are my beach must-have items that ensure I have the best time ever.2227627

  1. Makeup removing wipes: To keep your face fresh and clean!
  2. Hand sanitizer: In case you touch anything icky or have some beach snacks you want to nibble on.
  3. Sunblock and lip balm: To keep your skin protected!
  4. Sea salt hair spray: For beachy waves even before you hit the beach.
  5. Anti-humidity shine spray: To keep those beachy waves at bay!
  6. Floppy hat: Keep the sun out of your eyes AND make a fashion statement!

Now you are ready to get some sand in between your toes and a salty breezeĀ on your face.


XOXO, Chels