Between sleeping in, endless days spent with friends, and family vacations, going back to school can be a real drag…not to mention a nightmare for some kids!  Although the start of a new school year is something most kids and teens don’t look forward to, there are a few ways to beat the back to school blues. Chelsea Crockett- friends at school

A positive attitude is everything!  When you constantly tell yourself how much you hate school, you’ll soon start to believe it!  Instead, think of school as a time to see your friends and a chance to learn something new.  Don’t spend your last days of summer in “depression”; instead soak in those last few days!

New teachers and classes can also cause anxiety.  Instead of worrying about the unknown, compare your class schedule with friends.  This way, you’ll know which friends are in your classes.  This always makes my mind at ease, because I know I have someone to walk to class with or work on homework with.

Look at a new school year as a new opportunity and fresh start.  If you were disappointed in yourself last year, then challenge yourself to make changes.  Make new friends, join a few clubs, get your grades up, and work harder than ever before.  School is how you make it!