Hi Insiders,

            Many people hate the winter.  Cold winds, icy roads, and gloomy days are the cause of a bad mood in the winter.  So how can you keep your spirits high in the winter?!  Follow a few of my simple tips to kick away the winter blues.

  1. Keep the smell of peppermint around!  Studies show that the smell of peppermint can increase mood and decrease stress.  Try lighting a peppermint scented candle or rub some peppermint oil around your nose.
  2. Get some sunlight!  Yes, it might be cold, but on sunny days go outside!  Buddle up and go for a walk!
  3. Eat healthy.  Winter includes Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means lots and lots of food.  The average person gains 5 to 6 pounds during the holiday months.  Weight gain can lead to a decrease in mood.  Try to fill up on fruits and veggies.  Your body will thank you!
  4. Treat yourself!  Go get a pedicure or massage, spend your Christmas money and gift cards, or go out for a fancy dinner.  Make yourself feel good!
  5. RELAX!!!
  6. Get enough sleep at night.  When you get around 8 hours of sleep, you are more likely to be energized and happier the next day.  Jump in bed early!
  7. Exercise!  Exercising releases endorphins, hormones in the body that make you feel good and lifts your mood.
  8. Do something good for someone else!  The holidays are all about giving.  Volunteer at a shelter or make your parents a homemade presentChelsea Crockett- peppermint.  They will love it!

Don’t let the cold weather and gloomy days keep you down!  Get out, get up, and do something!  I promise, if you follow these tips, you’ll have the best winter ever!