Instagram is all the rage right now!  It’s almost become a sort of art work!  When it comes to the pictures themselves, making sure they’re perfectly brightened, contrasted, and cropped is key to achieving the perfect Insta pic.  Keep on reading for my greatest tips, tricks, and applications.

Afertlight is one of my favorite picture editing apps from the App Store!  Although it’s $0.99, it’s totally worth it.  You can choose between filters, brighten, contrast, saturate, add borders, and crop photos!  When brightening a photo, don’t go overboard!  If your nose or other facial features start to disappear, then you know you’ve gone a little overboard.  Brighten it enough so that you can easily view the scenery, background, or person.  Next, contrast photos that seem a little blurry or need to be sharpened.  Sometimes too much contrast can make a photo look fake, so be careful!Chelsea Crockett- Afterlight

When it comes to picking a filter, remember…less is more.  Try choosing colors that look natural, but bring out the beauty of the photo.  Trying to “make yourself look better” shouldn’t always be your goal.  Last, if desired, try adding a border to make the photo stand out or more unique.  The sky’s the limit!

Happy editing!