Organization is the key to a stress-free work and school environment.  Too many people have papers flying everywhere, dates not written down, and a busy schedule.  It’s important to live an organized life in order to get things done without a hassle.  If you follow these simple organizational tips, I promise your life will be a breeze!Chelsea Crockett- organization

  • Keep a planner or use your calendar app!  Write down anything and everything that is important, an event, or something that is due.  Deadlines are important!
  • Give yourself a break!  If you work too much you will start to go crazy!  Give yourself a 10 minute break each hour to surf the web, talk to friends, or grab a snack!
  • Establish a junk drawer!  Everyone has those papers, supplies, and random things that they have no idea what to do with.  If you have one solid area that you store all of that, then they won’t end up all over your desk!
  • DO NOT procrastinate.  This is the number one reason people get stressed out and unorganized.  Do your assignments or projects as they are assigned to you so you can focus on one thing at a time.
  • Make your work space pretty!  When you have a work space that you are proud of, you are less likely to get it messy.

Staying organized is important for the road to success.  It’s also important for your sanity.  Keep it all together and you’ll start to see a difference!