Hi Insiders,

            Do you share a room or small space with a sibling or live away at school with a   roommate?  Sometimes, sharing a small space with someone can be very difficult.  Personalities clash, cleanliness becomes a problem, and some of their habits may bug you!  Here are a few tips to keep you and your roommate or sibling from budding heads.Chelsea Crockett- dorm

            Everyone wants their own space and their own place to get away, but sometimes you’ve got to share a space with someone for long periods of time.  Make sure to always pick up after yourself even if you’ve had a long day.  A lot of people get in the habit or throwing their clothes on the ground and don’t clean it up until it becomes too much!  Keep your clutter under control.  If your roommate does something that bothers you, take a breather.  Everyone does things differently.  Just because he/she may whistle constantly doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing!  If it bothers you that much and you’ve gave it some thought, then kindly bring up the matter with your roommate.  If they set 10 alarms before their 8a.m. class, then it’s okay to bring that up right away!  Rate the issue on a scale of 1-10 and think about if the issue is worth discussing!  Always be open with your roommate.  It’s hard to keep secrets when you’re living so close to that person.  No matter who they are, always try to be their friends.  I know I’d rather be friends with my roommate than enemies! 

            Take all of this into consideration and enjoy having a roomie!  One day you might actually miss it!  Be honest, courteous, and open…all of these attributes go a long way!