Exercising in nature is such an enjoyable experience. Hearing the birds chirp, feeling the sun on your face and the breeze on your back, there is nothing better! There are so many benefits of exercising in nature, and here are a few!

  1. Fresh air has more oxygen!fit_tip_outdoors-LFR-05122014
  2. More sensory stimulation: you are more stimulated, which means that your run is more enjoyable!
  3. Increases feelings of well-being and lowers depression! Those endorphins get you pumped full of happy feelings and make you feel super good!
  4. Vitamin D exposure: When you are exercising outside, the sun increases your vitamin D exposure and helps optimize hormones! And, as you ladies well know, us teenage girls need all the hormone optimizing we can get!

Working out in the great outdoors is as good as it gets. Running on the treadmill at the gym just isn’t the same, am I right? Go outside and take a walk with a friend or go for a swim. Your body will thank you!

XOXO, Chels