Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach?!  It’s the perfect place to unwind, get a tan, and have some fun!  Many don’t know this, but going to the beach has a handful of health and beauty benefits.  Check out how a trip to the beach can make your body happy and make you feel even more beautiful!

Taking a few days vacation from your busy schedule is extremely important. Sometimes, we try to accomplish too much and let ourselves get overly stressed.  This can lead to lack of sleep, weight gain, and mood changes.  Our brain and bodies need time to relax!  Sunlight is even proven to decrease depression!  As to our physical appearance, the beach is our best friend.  The sun is a natural source of vitamin D, which leads to healthy skin.  The salt in the ocean can also help clear up acne. (HINT: go all natural at the beach. NO makeup!)  You can even accomplish the perfect beach-wave hair!  If you haven’t gotten a pedicure in awhile or have seriously dry feet, heading to the beach can cure the problem!  Sand naturally exfoliates dead sin off your feet, leaving them smooth and soft!

I think it’s time we all pack up and head to the beach.  Who’s with me?!