After working out, the last thing you want to do is have a huge unhealthy meal. I always aim for the nutritious options: fruits, vegetables, smoothies, etc. This being said, I was unaware of the many drinks that actually benefit you after a run or workout. So why not share them with you lovelies :)?

Obviously you should Chelsea Crockett - Chocolate Milkhave already drank plenty of water prior and during your workout, but if not, drink up! Apart from H₂O, chocolate milk is great for your body after your exercise! You might be surprised by this, considering the fact that it’s solely a dairy product and is filled with chocolate. However, chocolate milk is just as (if not more) effective as some specialty sports beverages. It’s essential for muscle recovery.

Another good post-workout drink is green tea. Apart from its many nutritious minerals and benefits, it helps replenish any sore or damaged muscles after exercise. It also helps reduce stomach fat and avoids high intake of any unwanted calories. Cherry juice is also proven to decrease muscle damage. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for after a hard workout.

Let me know what you drink after a workout so I can try it out for myself!