Mosquitoes. One of the most annoying types of insects on the planet. Summer nights are the most vulnerable times for these bugs and they don’t miss an opportunity to make you miserable! First they bite you and then you find yourself itching for days! I have discovered a few ways to prevent mosquitoes before they get to your skin other than the usual bug sprays. If they sneak their way to you anyways, I also have a few ways to help soothe your bites!

Chelsea Crockett - OFF SprayPreventing mosquitoes from hovering around you is not as hard as you think. If you have a bottle of mint mouth wash, put it in a spray bottle and spray around wherever you and your friends are hanging out outside. This remedy has been used for years and still continues to work! Another way is to rub dryer sheets on your exposed skin. The mosquitoes hate the smell of dryer sheets, so make sure you smell plenty like them and they’ll stay away!  The other obvious solution is OFF! spray which you can purchase here!

Since mosquitoes are pretty sneaky, they might make their way onto your skin anyways. If they do, there are a few ways to help soothe the bite. You can use the obvious itching creams and medicines if you’d like, but if you are dying at home without any, I have a few home remedies instead. Dabbing rubbing alcohol on your bite always works, although it may burn a little. Another way is to rub Listerine on your bite. It contains an ingredient that cools the itch and provides some relief! Lastly, you can take an ice pack and leave it sit on the bite for 10-15 minutes. It numbs the bite and stops the itching!

Next time you’re outside, play it safe and use these tips!