Knowing you have friends that you can trust and will be by your side no matter what is one of the best things in the world.  I know I’ve had trouble with finding a group of friends that I really fit in and get along with and can be myself around.  Luckily through church and school, I’ve found some amazing lifelong friends that build me up instead of tear me down.  Not only did it take them to step up to the plate, but also for me to be the best friend I could be to them.  Through that, I’ve learned some helpful tips to being a friend that’s there 24/7.Chelsea Crockett - Friends

  • Listen.  If your friends have had a bad day, take time to listen to them.  Whether it’s a break up with a boyfriend, a bad grade on a test, or a fight with their parents, let them know that they can talk to you about it.  Everyone needs somebody to lean on!
  • Build Them Up.  There’s nothing greater than having someone that believes in you and keeps you on a positive note.  A negative vibe is never good in a friendship.  That only leads to bickering and a not-so-great attitude.
  • Honesty and Trust.  We all know girls are known for gossiping and telling secrets.  Make sure your friend knows she can trust you with anything.  Be as loyal as you can and keep every promise you make.  Trust and honesty are the biggest things in any relationship.
  • Pray For Them.  Prayer is key.  God will never fail you or forsake you.  Telling a friend that you’re praying for them will lighten up their day.  Knowing God is with me and on my side always brings the biggest smile to my face.

Love, Chelsea