One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to have sleepovers with my best girlfriends.  Movies, painting nails, and sweet treats are all part of the fun, but have you ever wanted to switch up the typical sleepover?  On cool summer nights, having a campout in your backyard is so much fun!  I like to call it “glamping” (glamorous camping), because you get to campout, but still have the house with electricity and a bathroom!  I’ll give you all the tricks and tips to your perfect backyard campout.

Chelsea Crockett- backyard campout

First, find someone with a tent.  I typically have to ask my dad to set it up for me, but if you want to take on the challenge, go for it!  Invite all your friends over and make sure they bring their sleeping bags, pillows, and a flashlight.  Remember, you won’t have power!  Set up a radio or bring out your iHome to listen to fun music throughout the night.  Make up crazy dances or sing along under the stars.  If it gets hot, use an extension cord to bring a fan into the tent.  That should cool it down!  If possible, set up a fire!  It’s perfect for roasting s’mores, telling stories around the campfire, and enjoying the beautiful night.

Having a backyard campout with your friends is a great bonding experience.  Just enjoy your surroundings and most of all your friends.  If you don’t have a tent check these out!


Have fun,