Teenagers and young adults alike are glued to their phones.  It’s rare to go to dinner or watch a movie without one person checking Twitter or updating their Facebook status.  While social media is fun, it can also be dangerous.  Monitoring yourself and others can save you from trouble in the future.  Take caution when using social media!Chelsea Crockett- caution on social media

Did you know that what you post on social media could keep you from getting a job or getting into college?  That’s right!  College admissions and employers now check a variety of social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in order to see what their possible student or employee is posting.  If you are underage and post pictures with alcohol in them, you get could turned down.  Likewise, if you are always using profanity or making fun of someone, that can be a major red flag.  Many don’t realize that what you post on different social media accounts is very important.  It can actually determine what happens in your future!

Next time you are about to post a picture, status, tweet, etc., make sure it is something that you would be okay with your grandparents seeing!  This could save you from a world of trouble!

Be safe!