When’s a better time of year to go on a fun, festive date with your crush than Christmas time? With the holiday season finally here, there are tons of different themed date ideas to try out! Instead of the typical dinner-and-a-movie night, I came up with a few creative ideas to get you and your crush in the holiday spirit!

  • Have a Christmas movie/snack nice at home. Staying in for the night and watching a handful of classic Christmas movies sounds like the perfect (and not to mention inexpensive!) date night. Make some hot chocolate and enjoy!
  • Bake Christmas cookies together. This is one of my favorite things to do around the holidays. Make a bunch to give to friends and family and save some to snack on for yourselves later!
  • Drive around and look at Christmas lights. Where I live, everyone knows the good neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights in. Some houses go all out for the holiday season, and it’s fun to go for a night drive and search for them with your crush!Chelsea Crockett - Christmas Date
  • Do a Christmas DIY project. Who says guys don’t like to get crafty too? There are so many Pinterest-inspired DIYs to choose from. Maybe you want to decorate ornaments or try out a new recipe? You and your crush can pick you fave!
  • Wrap presents and decorate together. These jobs may seem like a chore, but with your boyfriend or girlfriend it can make it a little more enjoyable!

Hope you have a fun-filled Christmas!

Love, Chelsea