I would not consider myself a runner, but every once in a while I like to mix a good run into my workout routine. Whether you run one mile or 25 miles a week, having a good running playlist is vital to keep those feet moving and those arms pumping. Lots of times, the good workout songs with great beats sometimes have really nasty lyrics, and who wants to fill their head with garbage while they are working up a sweat? Lift your spirits and feel encouraged by your music while working out by adding these Christian songs to your running playlist.

  1. Go Hard by Lecrae
  2. Jesus Freak by DC Talkhqdefault
  3. Wake by Hillsong
  4. My Lighthouse by Rend Collective
  5. Move by Toby Mac
  6. Messengers by Lecrae
  7. It’s On by Superchick
  8. Greater by MercyMe
  9. Praise Like Fireworks – Rend Collective
  10. Ain’t No Grave – David Crowder (cool down)

Now snatch up your headphones and hit the trail!

XOXO, Chels