Hey insiders!

            With Christmas less than a month away, your wish list needs to be completed.  There are several products that should be at the top of your list, especially these awesome phones, accessories, and games!

  • Apple recently released the new iPhone 5c.  Not only is it one of their Chelsea Crockett - iPhone 5cnewest iPhones yet, but it also comes in several different colors!  You can buy it in pink, blue, green, and a few other colors!
  • For the music-lovers out there, Dre recently came out with new Beats.  For those of you that don’t know, Beats are super cool headphones that have amazing quality.  You can get them in almost any color! 
  • If you’re into photography, then you’ll absolutely love GoPro cameras.  These tiny cameras can be clipped onto almost anything such as helmets or surfboards to give you the coolest and most unique shots.  They’re also waterproof so you can take amazing underwater pictures, as well!

The links for the above products are below!


iPhone 5c – http://tiny.cc/iPhone5c

Dre Beats – http://tiny.cc/StudioBeats_DrDre

GoPro Camera – http://tiny.cc/GoPro_Camera