Hey darlings!  In my opinion, organization is the key to everything, especially when trying to keep your room clean.  We ALL struggle with this, but with a few tips it’s not as hard as you think to keep your room clean!

  1. Hanging Space.  If you have a large amount of clothes, try buying smaller hangers.  Avoiding big, bulky hangers will provide more space for your actual clothes.  Try dividing your clothes up into categories (sweaters, jackets/coats, shirts, etc…).  This will make it easier to find things and disappear that cluttered closet look.Chelsea Crockett - Organization
  2. Shoes and Purses.  Having a separate spot for your bags and shoes is a smart idea.  This will help you avoid throwing and shoving your things repeatedly in your closet.  We all know it starts to get overwhelming when your stuff piles in the floor of your closet.  Plus, it looks super messyFrown!  
  3. Fold Your Clothes.  If you fold certain clothes such as plain T-shirts or hoodies, make sure you avoid piling.  Throwing your clothes into boxes, cubbies, or shelves will result in lots of clutter.  Make sure you keep your things neat and folded!
  4.  Cubbies.  Almost anywhere you can find cubbies or boxes to place your clothing.  Hanging shelves or cubbies are a perfect spot to put shoes or your folded tees for perfect organization.

            As far as other accessories go, come up with a creative way to keep your things organized that works for you.  I hope these tips help you stay clean, organized, and clutter-free!