Recently, I’ve been brainstorming how I want my dorm room to look like. I’ve found different decorations and necessities to style my dorm the way I want it. With only so much space in your dorm room, you’re going to need some hacks to make moving in a little easier! You’ll also need some hacks for making your dorm as stylish as it can be, too!

  • Most residence halls at college will allow you to put your beds whatever way you want them. You can bunk them, loft them, or leave them normal. Lofting your bed gives you a whole new area of storage under your bed! You can put your clothes in plastic drawers or bins and store them easily.
  • iPhone chargers can be hard to tell apart, especially if you’re living with a few roommates. Customize yours by adding colorful tape or simply writing your initials on it so you don’t lose it!Chelsea Crockett - Dorm Hanger Hack
  • Dropdown hangers allow you to store your shirts and dresses much easier. The picture on the right shows you just how much space they can save!
  • For storing your jewelry, purchase a cork board that you can decorate to match your dorm room. After hanging it on the wall, you can use tacks to hang all of your necklaces! It works perfectly!

I hope these make your dorm experience a little easier! (I’ll definitely be using some of these myself!) 🙂

XOXO – Chelsea