Getting snuggled up in bed at the end of the day is one of my favorite things. Sometimes I can fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Other times, it takes me an hour or so to even get tired! There are certain things I do that help me fall asleep on those nights. If you have trouble sleeping, try out some of these tips. They really work! 

  • Cut down on caffeine intake. Chelsea Crockett - Falling Asleep Meme If caffeine affects you in even the slightest way, then watch how much you drink of it!  If you love coffee, tea, etc., then monitor what time of the day you have it.
  • Hide your clock.  When I can’t sleep, I often get frustrated when I watch the time get later and later.  Turn your clock around or shut off your phone!  That way you won’t be tempted to sneak a peek at the clock.
  • Light a lavender candle.  Lavender is proven to be one of the most relaxing scents for your body.  Lighting a candle or spraying a lavender scent around your room before you go to bed is extremely calming!
  • Focus on your breathing.  Focusing on one thing can take your mind off the fact that you can’t fall asleep.  Focus on keeping slow and steady breaths!
  • Picture yourself in your favorite setting.  Whether that be at the beach or surrounded by your friends and family, focusing on your happy place will help calm any nerves or anxious thoughts you may be having.

 Hopefully these help you get a little more sleep to keep you energized during the busy weeks ahead. I know I need it! 

 XO – Chelsea