A girl who likes to travel can never know too many travel tips! Anything that makes the process of getting from one place to another easier should definitely be brought to our attention. I found a few DIY travel hacks that make packing and traveling simpler and easier on your part!

  • Jewelry can be one of the trickiest things to pack. It can often get tangled or simply lost in your suitcase. One way to sort your earrings is by using an old pill separator. Put a different pair in each of the different days so they don’t get lost or mixed together.
  • Another way I’ve seen people store their earrings is in empty chapstick tubes. Depending on how many you need to take, pick the best method for you!
  • Use a pot holder for storing your straightener or curler. It works as a heat-safe travel case so you don’t have to spend the money on an actual one!Chelsea Crockett - Headphone Hack
  • For chargers or headphones, use an old glasses case like the picture on the right. Wrap them up to save some space and simply line them up so they don’t get tangled together!
  • Instead of throwing a bunch of bobby pins in your bag, use an empty tic tac case. They fit perfectly!
  • To prevent shampoo or conditioner spills, use plastic wrap to cover the lids or place the entire container in a large Ziploc bag. Especially with altitude changes, this tip can be extremely helpful!

There’re so many more tips and hacks that can be extremely useful for travelers! Find the ones that benefit you and make your life easier!

Love, Chelsea