Hi Insiders,

            Now I’m sure most of you have 100+ t-shirts from middle school, high school, sporting events, etc.  It’s so easy to score a t-shirt, especially when you’re involved in a lot of activities.  Some of them may remind you of memories or hold a value, making them hard to get rid of.  So what do you do with all of those t-shirts that start to pile up in your closet?  Make a t-shirt blanket!  It’s a great way to display your favorite t-shirts forever and requires no sewing!  Let’s get started on how to make it!

            Start by picking out your favorite t-shirts.  Cut a square, typically 1ft x 1ft, from each shirt logo.  You can use the back of the t-shirt if you like that better!  A normal blanket is usually 5ft x 7ft which means you will need about 35 shirts to make this.  Don’t forget that you can use the front and back of each shirt, so you will only need about 17 shirts instead.  Once you have cut a square from each shirt, lay them out in the order in which you want the shirts to be placed.  Make rectangle shape of 5 shirts across and 7 shirts down.  Fill in the middle with the rest of the shirts!Chelsea Crockett- no sew tshirt blanket

            Once you have the shirts laid out in the formation that you like, cut 1 inch stripes around each square, tying each strand to a strand of another shirt.  This will connect each shirt without sewing the pieces together.  Next, you will need a 5ft x 7ft piece of fleece.  Again, cut 1 inch stripes around the fleece and tie it to the outside edge of each shirt.  There you go, you’re done!  Now you’ve got a warm blanket full of memories!

Have fun,