I’ve always heard both amazing and not-so-amazing things about yoga.  Some people swear by it while others don’t give it the time of day.  I’ve always wondered why some people use it as their main form of exercise so I decided to do a little research!  Here’s why you should check out yoga for yourself! 🙂

  • It increases your muscle strength.Chelsea Crockett - Yoga Believe it or not, yoga isn’t all about relaxing.  It actually takes a lot of strength and can challenge you more than you expect.  There are lots of different moves that require strength endurance and strong muscles!
  • It straightens your posture. I know for me I could use a little help on my posture!  Yoga helps align and strengthen your spine which, in turn, strengthens your posture.  I never even thought about that but it really does help!
  • It increases your ability to focus. Yoga takes a lot of focus on your breathing and movements.  One of yoga’s biggest purposes is to learn how to focus on the present and relax!  Studies have actually shown an increase in coordination, focus, memory, and other things, as well!
  • It helps the upkeep of your joints. Along with an increase in flexibility, yoga moves your body in ways it isn’t used to moving in.  It helps move your joints in several different motions which helps loosen and stretch them out and makes them even healthier!

Get out of bed and get your stretch on!  You won’t regret it!

XO – Chels