Let’s face it, college is expensive!  Unless you’re a genius or a star athlete, odds are a big chunk of money will be spent on your college education.  You may be drowning in student loans and tuition fees but you’re in luck!  There are certain tips you can follow that help you cut back on small payments and fees that will surely add up over the years!

  • Rent textbooks and leave them unopened if you can.  Some professors will make you purchase a book that you’ll end up not even using.  In some cases, you can return your unused books at the end of the semester to get your money back!  Chelsea Crockett - College Spending
  • Take advantage of your meal plan!  At most schools, your meals are prepaid for.  It might be tempting to eat at other places around campus but using up your meal plans is the smartest thing to do!
  • Only take your car if absolutely necessary.  Parking can be expensive!  Talk with your roommate/suitemates and see if they’re bringing a car.  That way you can always catch rides if you need to go somewhere!
  • If you’re in a sorority, it can be tempting to buy a ton of t-shirts and other sorority things.  Practice self-control and only purchase the mandatory ones or if you’re absolutely in love with the shirt! 🙂
  • If you get tired of your wardrobe, pick out some things that you’re tired of and have a clothing swap with your friends!  I’m sure they’re feeling the same way and would like to save some money and get new clothes at the same time as well!

If you’re a college student, which hacks do you use?  Let me know!

XO – Chelsea