Don’t get me wrong, summer is the best time of the year, but some of us teens get into the routine of staying up late at night… or even into the early hours of the morning! It may not affect us when we’re out of school and sleeping in through lunch, but during the school year it hits us like a ton of bricks! If you’re one of those people stuck in the exhausting routine, here are a few tips on breaking the habit!

  • Try drinking a glass of Sleepy Time tea. For some people, this tea is a miracle worker! If you start drinking a cup an hour or so before you hit the hay, you’ll feel calm and will hopefully doze off right away.Chelsea Crockett - Sleepytime Tea
  • Put your phone far away from you or in a different room. This may be the last thing you want to do, but I promise it works! 90% of the time you’re up after midnight is because your phone has too many easy distractions.
  • Use lavender! Lavender’s scent is known for relaxing and relieving stress. Purchase a lavender scented candle and let it burn for a while before you go to bed. Let it fill your room while it releases your stress, too!
  • Simply relax! Oftentimes you may find yourself getting frustrated and giving up on falling asleep early. DON’T! If you lay in bed and focus your mind on other things, it’ll help make you sleepy and you’ll eventually doze off.

So next time you’re having trouble catching some ZZZ’s, try out a couple of these steps and you’ll hopefully make it through the day without sleeping through class :)!