As winter quickly approaches, you probably hear the sound of coughing and sniffling a lot more than usual. The colder months are also the sickest months.  Lovely isn’t it?!  Although washing your hands and exercising are great ways to fight off viruses, you can also eat your way to a healthier and stronger immune system!  Check out what you should be stocking up on in your kitchen!Chelsea Crockett- chicken soup

  1. Sweet Potatoes increase the number of infection-fighting cells!
  2. Dark Chocolate is loaded with zinc, which promotes the growth of white blood cells and decreases your risk of infection.
  3. Tea increases immune boosting protein interferon in the blood system to help fight infections. It’s also perfect to soothe a sore throat!
  4. Chicken Soup can actually replace cough medicine! It has been shown to coat a sore throat and thin mucus.
  5. Yogurt replaces all the good bacteria in your system!
  6. Mushrooms promote white blood cell growth, which in turn fights off unwanted infections!
  7. Strawberries are packed full of vitamin C…watch out oranges! Vitamin C starts battling infections before they turn to viruses.

Go run to your nearest grocery store and stock up on these few essential items! Your health will thank you for it!