Well, most of us have settled into school by now and that means our lazy days of summer have ended.  Soon we will be going to football games dressed in our sweaters and scarves. However, I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet.  I’ve been thinking about some things I could still do with my friends to enjoy these last few weeks of HOT weather!

One thing on my list is to try to keep my summer tan for a bit longer.  Hopefully I can swim on the weekends and chill at the pool.  Why not host an end of the summer party?  Take some fun pictures and make a scrapbook with them.  Scrapbooking can sometimes take a long time so I tend to let Snapfish help me with it.  It’s a website that takes your pictures and lets you design your own book… or they can design it for you!  It’s really reasonable and lets you capture your memories in a really fun way!  (Hint:  These make great gifts for your friends!) Chelsea Crockett - Snapfish

Another idea is to spend some time reading that book you said you wanted to read all summer long!  (If you’re not a reader, I bet there is a TV or Netflix series you’ve always wanted to try!) Either way, I’m going to try to finish my homework early and settle in for some “me” time!  I love to get lost in a good book!

Last, but not least, make some delicious snow cones!  If you’re just not ready to say goodbye to summer and sunshine, eat a few cold, yummy treats!  We have a little snow cone maker that we bought at Target along with the syrups and the paper cones.  All we do is add ice and voila….a delicious snow cone!  I love to have one on a hot day!

Enjoy, Chels