Our generation is obsessed with social media.  It’s almost become a competition of who can show-off their life better or who can post the most fabulous photo on Instagram.  Unfortunately, it’s not about enjoying life anymore, but capturing a photo or Snapchat video of the moment.  It’s time that we put our phones down, turn off social media, and soak in the incredible life God has given us. Chelsea Crockett- family

Too often, we don’t enjoy what we are doing with our friends or family, because we are too focused on posting everything on Snapchat and Twitter, and waiting around to take an Instagram picture of the new outfit we got or the cool place we are at.  Instead of sitting around on your phone or social media waiting for the perfect moment to capture, capture the memory in your mind instead.  Soak in every second spent in a beautiful place with friends and family.  You can always take a picture, but you can never get back moments in your life you wasted or didn’t enjoy.  Next time you catch yourself too focused on social media and posting what you are doing, put your phone away, sit back, and live in the moment.