Girls, we’ve all been there. Between heartbreaks, friends, wanting to look good, and lady problems, we’ve been through it all.  Luckily, most of us can all relate to each other through one form or another.  We need to reunite!  Comment below if you can relate to these everyday struggles of being a girl.

  1. Walking into a room or store and completely forgetting why you were there in the first place.
  2. Noticing you didn’t cover those ugly pimples correctly and your eyeliner is crooked.
  3. Asking your friend if you bled through your pants. “Hey um can you just check for me.”
  4. Constantly complaining!!!
  5. Shaving your legs and then automatically feeling like you’re going to turn into a cactus the minute you get cold.
  6. Asking your dog for comfort.
  7. Feeling like your dog is your only friend.Chelsea Crockett- dog
  8. Having awkward conversations with your mom or dad.
  9. Asking your friends if you have lipstick on your teeth.
  10. Having that one embarrassing friend, but you still love them.
  11. Secretly picking a wedgie.