I recently stumbled across an awesome Christian-based organization that has a concept that is unlike any other company. It’s called Faithbox, and its idea is focused on growing your faith monthly but also making an impact on the world around you. Let me explain what their concept is all about!Chelsea Crockett - Faithbox

Faithbox is an organization that sends its subscribers a monthly package filled with different messages and products from Christian-based companies like the picture above. All of the boxes include a small devotion and a variety of products from sunglasses to yummy snacks, depending on the month. Each box along with its products supports a non-profit organization.

Not only does it support these companies, but kids around the world. Each box sent also accounts for three meals shipped to hungry children around the world. In 2015, Faithbox provided over 100,000 meals to kids worldwide! Not only are you receiving gifts for yourself but providing a different type of present to hungry children.

You’re benefitting yourself, people across the globe, and tons of non-profit Christian organizations! I urge you to try it out :)! You won’t regret it.

Love, Chels