Bonfires, caramel apples, and pumpkin spice lattes are some of the best parts of fall… but you can’t forget the cute dates and meet-ups with your adorable crush! Sometimes, good dates can be hard to come up with, especially when all you think there is to do is watch a movie or go to eat! Here are a few good ideas to suggest to your crush next time you’re stuck at home on a Saturday night.

  • Haunted house/hayride. Suggest going to a nearby haunted house or hayride! You could even get a group of friends together and all go to one for the night. Then, after your thrill is over, have a little bonfire at your house! Who doesn’t like s’mores?
  • Apple picking.  If you live close to an orchard, don’t be afraid to take your date apple picking! Then, after you get some tasty red apples, take them home and make a delicious apple pie :).Chelsea Crockett - Pumpkin Carving
  • Pumpkin carving contest. Maybe while you’re out picking apples, you can find a close by pumpkin patch! Find the biggest pumpkin you can and have a carving contest with your crush when you get home. Being a little competitive in a relationship can be fun every once and a while!  
  • Hiking. Go outside and explore for a while! Spending the whole day with nature and your crush is perfect in autumn weather.
  • Volunteer together. You might be a little confused by this one, but it can actually be really fun! Raking leaves or volunteering at shelters would not only be extremely helpful, but great time for bonding with your crush! It’ll help your own relationship while helping others in the process!

So next time you’re thinking “what should we do this weekend?” whip out some of these ideas and go to town!

Happy fall! – Chels