Hi Insiders,

            Oh the sweet smell of fall!  Tis the season for bonfires, chilly air, cozy clothes, friends, and of course, caramel apples.  Ever since I can remember, caramel apples have been my go-to fall snack.  I crave them every fall!  Lucky for you, I’ve got some unique caramel apple recipes for you to try.  If you love caramel apples, then you’ll be drooling over these desserts!

  • Caramel Apple Bites:  All you’ll need are apples, melting caramels, your favorite toppings, toothpicks, and a melon scooper.  Start by placing parchment paperChelsea Crockett- caramel apple bites on a plate or baking sheet to get ready for the final outcome.  Next, wash your apples and dry them off.  Using the scooper, scoop out little balls and place them in a bowl.  Place the melting caramels in another bowl and microwave for about a minute.  Using a toothpick, dip each apple bite into the caramel and then roll it in your favorite topping (if you want).  Place them on the sheet and put it in the refrigerator.  Enjoy!
  • Caramel Apple Ice Cream Parfait:  This one is really simple!  All you need is vanilla ice cream, apple preserves, caramel, and graham crackers or cinnamon granola.  Place a scoop of ice cream in a tall glass or bowl.  Next, layer the ice cream with the apples, caramel, and crushed graham cracker or cinnamon granola.  Repeat until the glass or bowl is full.   
  • Mini Caramel Apple Pancakes:  Start by whipping up your favorite pancake batter, mixing in a pinch of brown sugar.  Next, Slice your apple down the middle and take out the core.  Cut thin slices of the apple so you have apple rings.  Then, dip each apple ring in the pancake batter and place them on the skillet.  Cook them as if they were regular pancakes.  Once done, drizzle with caramel (you can use the ice cream topping for this) and enjoy.  It’s like dessert for breakfast!

I hope you’ll enjoy these recipes.  I know I sure have!