Nothing’s better than homemade gift for your dad on Father’s Day. Not only is it meaningful but inexpensive, too (which at our age, saving money is a priority!). Pinterest is the perfect place to find all things DIY. Here are a few DIY gifts that are creative, simple, and perfect for any dad!

  • First off, you’ll need a card. Create your own DIY Father’s Day card! This may seem basic or overrated, but whatever your gift is will need a card to go with it. A homemade card is always meaningful and shows you took the time to make it. You can even add inside jokes or funny puns to add some humor to it!Chelsea Crockett - BBQ Basket DIY
  • If your dad loves to grill, then this DIY is perfect for you. Create a BBQ basket with everything he needs to host a BBQ! Buy an array of sauces, such as steak sauce, BBQ sauce, ketchup, etc., and place them in the basket. Then, purchase some grilling tools that he can put to use and add those to the basket. If you want to go the extra mile, buy him a gift card to somewhere where he can buy steaks, burgers, etc. for when he wants to grill!
  • The way to a man’s heart is always food. There are endless recipes online that allow you to get creative when baking your dad something! Maybe a cupcake that looks like a basketball? Or maybe cookies decked out with your dad’s favorite sport’s team!

What are you getting (or making!) your dad for Father’s Day? Share with me below!

Love, Chelsea