Father’s Day is almost here!  It’s time to start thinking about spoiling your dad on his day!  I have been so blessed to have a good dad and I want to make sure he knows how grateful I am.  (If you don’t have a father that you keep in touch with, perhaps you have a male figure in your life that is really special to you…like an uncle or grandpa!)

This year, why not take your dad on a father/daughter date?  Take him to his favorite restaurant and offer to pay for your meals.  Write him a nice, heartfelt card to give to him at dinner. No matter who he is, any dad would love that. He may not show it on the outside, but he would love a letter from your heart, trust me!

Chelsea Crockett - ScrapbookThere are many DIY gift ideas online for readers to make for their dads such as scrapbooks, iPhone cases/covers, etc.  Whatever you decide to do, most importantly, take the time to let him know how much he means to you.  You’ll never regret thanking your dad and he will find it very encouraging!  Let me know how you decide to celebrate your dad!

Love, Chels