I was recently asked “How are you staying so calm during this wedding planning process?” There are a few things that are helping me keep my cool. One is that I have a lot of help, and another is that I have resolved to find joy in the journey. I want to soak up this season of life and really make the most of it! So, how am I doing that?

  1. Avoiding comparison. I think it is so important to focus on what I want my wedding to look like and be like instead of comparing it to others. We’ve all seen those “Pinterest perfect” weddings, and it is so fun to dream! It can also be discouraging when you actually start to plan and find out how much everything really costs, and you have to be realistic. Your wedding is just that – YOURS! So, if you don’t get that picture perfect venue or dream cake like you’ve seen in the movies or on Instagram, that’s ok. Find joy in the things that you ARE able to have, like the people you love surrounding you.
  2. Celebrating every day’s successes. There are bound to be setbacks during the planning process, so keeping that in mind has been helpful. There have also been unexpected victories! I try and focus on the wonderful “celebrations” that happen each day, even if it is something as simple as choosing the color of the groomsmen’s socks. That is one less thing I have to do, and one more thing I can check off the list!
  3. Thinking positively. Our thoughts have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we feel our lives are going. Negative thoughts are like weeds that can take over and suffocate out all of the beauty of the moment. By thinking positively and spinning the negatives to seem more positive, my outlook on my wedding day has been one of joy instead of stress.
  4. Stop questioning. Once I make a decision, I lock it up and throw away the key. I am not doing myself any favors if I am questioning my decisions and keep circling back to the same things. Did I pick the right bridesmaid dress color? Will the guests like the food we chose? Will they have fun? The answers are YES, so no need to go back and fret about it.

Most of all, I remember that “The joy of the Lord is your strength”(Nehemiah 8:10). As this season of wedding planning comes to a close, I will continue to choose to find joy in the journey that God has put before me, and I pray that you will do the same in whatever season you find yourself in.