Whether you’re in elementary school, middle school, high school, or even college, finding true friends can be tough.  Of course you’re constantly surrounded by “friends” at school, but picking out the best of the batch can be tricky sometimes.  It’s easy to overlook certain traits and assume one is a good friend, but overtime a true friend will start to stand out.Chelsea Crockett- true friendship

Look at your group of friends.  Can you relate to everyone in the group?  Does anyone judge you?  Can you be open with them?  Do they share the same beliefs as you?  It’s important to focus on these topics when associating yourself with people.  If your friend doesn’t build you up, stand up for you, understand you and your beliefs, and make you laugh, then they are not a true friend.  The people you hang out with reflect onto you.  Make sure you hang out with people that you are proud to be seen with.  Once you weed out the negative friends in your life, you will be left with only true friends; and those are the best to be around!!

I love you Insiders!