A few months ago, I uploaded an article on first date do’s and don’ts. It was extremely popular (I even made a video off of it!), so I decided to make a part 2! Why not? There are always a few necessities, and a few things you should avoid, on a first date. Here they are!

  • DON’T rush anything. You might be secretly waiting for him to kiss you or wanting him to ask you out right there on the spot, but great things take time! Patience is a virtue. Just wait for the perfect moment that feels right.
  • DO be chill during the date. As girls, we like to overanalyze and over think everything that happens, especially with boys. Our heads may jump to the “OMG he definitely doesn’t like me” kind of thoughts. Just calm down and relax! And most importantly, be yourself!
  • DON’T only talk about yourself. Be engaged and interested in his life. Ask him questions and listen attentively. Yes, he is there to get to know you, but remember you are there to get to know him too!
  • DO be polite and considerate. Saying “please” and “thank you” might seem overrated to you, but I promise it’s not!
  • DON’T be on your phone the whole night. This is a big one. Our generation is obsessed with technology, but we need to know when to put our phones away. If you and your date both do this, there will be more time for getting to know each other, which is the main reason why you’re there!

What other do’s and don’ts do you suggest? Let me know below!

XO – Chels