The road to flat abs is not an easy one. Sometimes it can feel like you are getting nowhere yet you are trying so hard! Don’t give up, keep the faith and keep going! Here are 3 things to do daily that get rid of belly bloat and sculpt your core to help you on the road to flat abs this summer.

  1. Workout in the A.M.: Starting the day with an ab workout that targets your core muscles helps kick start your metabolism and tones your tummy for the day to come. If you are planning a day on the beach or something tighter fitting, doing an ab workout in the morning can tighten your ab muscles and act like a corset, helping define your waist.
  2. Eat some breakfast: Eating breakfast is key to flat abs. Your first meal of the day kicks your metabolism into gear and prevents you from making bad morning snack decisions (AKA donuts. Mmmmmm.) Eating dairy or salty fatty foods for breakfast can cause bloating, so avoid them if you want a tight tummy! Also, to shrink your tummy and prevent bloating, eat oatmeal.
  3. Bump up your cardio: All exercise is good exercise, but when it comes to shrinking your tummy, interval workouts are the best! High-intensity workouts burn calories the fastest. Try a treadmill interval workout or a sprinting workout to mix things up.

Say hello to summer with these daily flat ab “do’s”!

XOXO, Chels