I have always wanted to go to NYC. There is so much to do there, and it is the fashion center of the USA! I hope to be going soon, so in preparation, I have been researching some free things to do there! One of my friends just got back from NYC and filled me in on a few free things she did while she was there. The options are endless when it comes to things to do in NYC, but here’s a few free outings that are a MUST to do!

  1. Ice skate in Bryant Park: Bryant Park is situated in the center of the city, so you are literally ice skating at the base of skyscrapers! My friend skated here and said she absolutely adored it. It was her favorite thing she did in NYC! The best part? It is FREE! All you have to do is pay for skate rentals. At every other skating rink in NYC you have to pay to get in the rink ON TOP OF paying for your rental. Pricy!chelsea crockett ice rink
  2. Take the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. This ferry is totally free, and it will take you right past the statue of liberty (which makes for a great photo op!) and gives you a great view of lower Manhattan Instead of paying 20$ to take a similar ferry to the statue of liberty, why not take a totally FREE one?! It is actually a better view of the statue, too!
  3. Walk Central Park. Seriously. Do it. There have been SO many movies with scenes in Central Park, so it is super cool seeing those places with your own eyes! Ever seen Home Alone 2? It was shot in Central Park. Maid In Manhattan? Central Park. Scenes from Gossip Girl? You guessed it, Central park! There are tons of great photo ops, as well as awesome parks! There is even a replica of a castle in the middle of it! Yah, a CASTLE! There is so so so much to see in Central Park, it is hard to get around to all of it! My friend only made it half way around! Her advice? Wear your walking shoes!

So, darlings, if you are headed to NYC in the near future, or you aspire to go there, keep these tips in mind! Going to NYC doesn’t have to break the bank!

XOXO, Chels